Apalutamide Side Effects


Name of the generic: apalutamide 
The brand name is Erleada
Forms for dosage: oral tablet (60 mg)
Drug class: Antiandrogens, Hormones/antineoplastics


Apalutamide Side Effects

Apalutamide can be described as an anti-androgen. It acts within the body to block the effects of the androgens (male hormones).

Apalutamide is a treatment for prostate cancer which has spread to different areas within your organs (metastatic) in addition to being treated using different medication or surgical procedures.

Apalutamide can also be used to fight prostate cancer, which hasn’t been able to spread to other areas of the body after surgery or other treatments for cancer failed or ended their effectiveness.

This medication is used together with a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) or with surgical castration (removal of the testicles).


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The Apalutamide side effects that occur require immediate medical treatment

Alongside its necessary effects, apalutamide could produce unwanted side adverse effects. While not all of these consequences can be present, if they do occur, they might require medical attention.

Consult your physician immediately in the event that any of these Apalutamide side effects happen while you are taking the medication.

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There are no immediate Apalutamide side effects that require medical treatment

A few side effects from apalutamide are possible and are not medically relevant care. These adverse effects could be eliminated in the course of treatment as the body adapts to the medication. Also, your healthcare specialist may provide suggestions on ways to minimize or prevent certain negative side consequences.

Talk to your doctor for any of these adverse reactions persist or become bothersome If you have questions regarding these side effects:

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The most commonly reported side symptoms are hypertension, fatigue, diarrhea, rash, nausea as well as weight loss, arthralgia hot flush, decreased appetite, fractures as well as peripheral Edema. 








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Always consult your doctor to confirm that the information provided on this site is appropriate to your particular situation.



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