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Aristada Dosing


Generic name: aripiprazole
Brand name: Abilify
Drug class: Atypical antipsychotics


What is Aristada?

Aristada Dosing

Aristada dosing for Atypical antipsychotics medicaino is outlained here

Aristada is a medication used to treat symptoms of psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia in children and adults aged 13 or older.

Aristada can also be used as a stand-alone medication or in conjunction with an anti-depressant medication in order to manage bipolar disorder I (manic depression) in children and adults aged 10 or more years.

Aristada is an antidepressant medication in order to manage major depression disorder in adults.

Aristada can also be used by children aged 6 or more years old for the treatment of Tourette’s disease and manage symptoms associated with autistic disorders (irritability anger, mood swings, aggression temper tantrums and self-injury)


Aristada has not been permitted for use in older adults suffering from dementia-related psychosis.

People suffering from mental illness or depression might contemplate suicide. Young people might experience an increase in suicidal ideas when they first taking a medication to treat depression. Inform your doctor immediately whenever you notice any abrupt changes in your the way you behave or your mood. You may also have if you have thoughts about suicide.

Stop taking Aristada and contact your physician immediately if you notice the symptoms listed below: fever, stiff muscles and a rapid heart rate, uncontrolled muscle movements; signs that occur suddenly like weakness or numbness extreme headaches, difficulties with speech, vision or balance.

If you are also using medication for depression, don’t quit it all at once.

Before taking this medication, you must consult your physician

You shouldn’t use Aristada If you are allergic to Aristada.

Aristada could cause an increase in the likelihood of dying in people with psychosis related to dementia. However, it is not specifically approved for this purpose.

To ensure that this medication is suitable for you, inform your physician if you suffer from:

  • Heart problems or stroke
  • blood pressure, blood pressure or high blood pressure or;
  • diabetes (in the relative);
  • seizures; or
  • Low WBC

Patients suffering from mental illness or depression might be prone to thoughts of suicide. Young people might experience an increased risk of suicide when they first taking a medication to treat depression. Be aware of fluctuations in mood, or the symptoms. Family members or caregivers must also be aware of unexpected changes in your behavior.

How is Aristada given?

Aristada is injectable into muscles. The healthcare professional will administer the injection.

Aristada injections are given once every 4-8 weeks, based on your medical condition. Your physician may change the frequency of your dose.

If you’ve never tried Aristada before, your physician might suggest that you take the medicine orally (in tablets or liquid forms) for a brief period prior to your first injection. You could be required to take orally Aristada for a period of at least 3 weeks after the first injection. Follow the instructions of your doctor for dosing cautiously.

Continue to take all antipsychotic medicines as directed by your physician. Take note of the instructions that came for every medication. Don’t alter your dosage or schedule of medication without consulting your physician.

Drink plenty of fluids. It is possible to become dehydrated when using Aristada.

Your doctor must examine your progress as you continue taking this medication.

Recommended Dosage

Aristada is intended to be administered intramuscularly by a medical professional. For patients who have not used Aristada , test for the tolerance of oral aripiprazole prior treatments with Aristada. Because of the time-of-use of oral Aristada it can take between 2 and two weeks to assess the tolerability. Consult the prescription information of oral Aristada to determine the recommended dosage and dosage for the formulation administered by mouth.

There are two methods to begin the treatment process with Aristada:

  • Option 1: Give one intramuscular injection Aristada INITIO 675 mg (in either the gluteal or deltoid muscle) and one dose of oral Aristada 30 mg, in conjunction with the initial Aristada injection.
    • The initialAristada injection could be administered the exact same date as AristadaINITIO, or for up to 10 days afterward. Refer to the ARISTADA INITIO prescribing information for more information on treatment of Aristada INITIO.
    • Do not inject bothv INITIO and Aristada concomitantly into the same deltoid gluteal muscle.
  • Option 2: Give an oral dose of Aristada for 21 consecutive days conjunction with the initialAristada injection.

Based on the individual needs of each patient and requirements, treatment with Aristada is able to begin with a dose of 441 mg 662 mg or 882 mg per month or 882 mg given every 6 weeks , or 1064 mg every two months. The 441 mg, the 662 mg 882 mg, 1064 mg dosing amounts correspond to 300mg, 600 mg, 450 mg and 724 mg Aristada 


Table 1: Aristada Dosing Frequency and Site of Injection
Dose Dosing Frequency Site of Intramuscular Injection
441 mg Monthly Deltoid or Gluteal
662 mg Monthly Gluteal
882 mg Each month or every 6 weeks Gluteal
1064 mg Every 2 months Gluteal


Utilize the following Aristada dosages for patients that are stable with oral aripiprazole as indicated in Table 2.

Table 2: Aristada Dosing Based on Oral Aripiprazole Total Daily Dose
Oral Aripiprazole Dose Intramuscular ARISTADA Dose
10 mg per day 441 mg a month
15 mg per day 662 mg once a month
882 mg once every six weeks
1064 mg once every two months
20 mg or more per day 882 mg per month


Alongside the initial Aristada  injection, give only one dose of Aristada INITIO, and one dose of oral aripiprazole 30, mg or continue treatment with oral aripiprazole for a period of 21 consecutive days

Adjust the Aristada dosing as required. When making dosage and dosing interval adjustments, take into account the pharmacokinetics as well as the characteristics of prolonged-release that are associated with ARISTADA 

Missed Doses

If a dose of Aristada is not taken take the next dose of Aristada whenever you are able to. Based on the length of time between the previous Aristada injection, add the next Aristada injection according to the recommendations according to the table 3. below.

Table 3: Recommendation for Concomitant Supplementation Following Missed Doses of Aristada

Dose of Patient’s Last Aristada Injection

Length of Time Since Last Injection

441 mg

≤ 6 weeks

> 6 and ≤ 7 weeks

> 7 weeks

662 mg

≤ 8 weeks

> 8 and ≤ 12 weeks

> 12 weeks

882 mg

≤ 8 weeks

> 8 and ≤ 12 weeks

> 12 weeks

1064 mg

≤ 10 weeks

> 10 and ≤ 12 weeks

> 12 weeks

Dosage and Administration for Re-initiation of ARISTADA

No Supplementation Required

Supplement with a Single Dose of ARISTADA INITIO OR 7 Days of Oral Aripiprazolea

Re-initiate with a Single Dose of ARISTADA INITIO and  a Single Dose of Oral Aripiprazole 30 mg OR supplement with 21 Days of Oral Aripiprazolea

Early Dosing

It is recommended that the Aristada  dosing frequency is every month for the 441 mg, the 662 mg or 882 mg doses. This is every six weeks for doses of 882 mg or every two months for the dose of 1064 mg and must be kept at the same time. If there is an issue with Dosing that is too early the ARISTADA injection is not to be administered prior to 14 days following the last injection.

Additional details

Always consult your physician to make sure the information presented on this site is appropriate to your particular situation.

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