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Genric Name: Tetracycline
Class of drugs: Tetracyclines


Uses for Actisite



Actisite (tetracycline periodontal fibers can be utilized to fight periodontal disease (a gum disease). The cause of the periodontal disease is bacteria that are growing under the gumline. Tetracycline helps in preventing the amount of bacteria from increasing. It reduces the amount of bacteria that can reduce swelling and inflammation in your mouth and also there is less bleeding that occurs around the teeth. Tetracycline fibers can be placed in the mouth areas that are inflamed by your dentist following the time the dentist has thoroughly cleaned your teeth.

Prior to using Actisite

ActisiteWhen deciding whether to take a medication, the potential risks of taking the medicine have to be considered against the benefits it can do. This is a decision that you as well as your physician make. To determine the appropriate medicine it is important to take the following into taken into consideration:


Inform your doctor whether you’ve had an unusual reaction or allergic reaction to this medication or other medications. Inform your health care doctor if you are suffering from other kinds of allergies, like to dyes, foods preservatives, animals, or dyes. For products that are not prescription-only, you must look over the label or the ingredients on the package carefully.


The studies on this medicine have been conducted on adult patients. There is no information specific to compare the use of this medication for children with the use of different age categories.


There are many medicines that have not been examined specifically for older patients. So, it’s not likely to be established if they perform exactly the way they perform in younger adults or if they trigger distinct adverse effects or issues for older individuals. There isn’t any specific data on the comparison of the use of this medication for the elderly with its similar use of other age categories.

Interactions with medications

Certain medicines shouldn’t be taken together In other instances, two medicines could be taken together, even if interactions could occur. In these instances, your doctor might want to alter the dosage or make other precautions needed. Discuss with your healthcare professional that you’re using any prescription medication or non-prescription (over-the-counter ) medication.

Interactions with alcohol/food/tobacco/alcohol

Certain medications are not recommended to be taken at or in conjunction with taking food, or eating specific kinds of food as interactions could happen. Smoking or drinking alcohol in conjunction with certain medicines can create interactions. Talk with your healthcare provider about your medication’s interactions when you are taking it with alcohol, food, or tobacco.

Use of Actisite properly

When the tetracycline periodontal fibers are present in your mouth, make sure to avoid doing anything that could cause the fibers to come loose. For instance:

  • Don’t chew on hard, crusty, or sticky food items or chewing gum.
  • Don’t floss or brush in any of the areas you have been treated however, you should continue to clean your other teeth.
  • Do not use a dental spray device (e.g., Water-Pik).
  • Don’t poke or scratch at the fibers using your tongue, toothpicks, or your fingers.


The dosage of this medication can differ for different people. Follow the instructions of your physician or the instructions printed on your prescription. The information below is only the doses that are typical of this medication. If you have a dose that is different don’t alter it until your doctor advises you to change it.

The amount of medicine you consume is contingent on your strength medication. In addition, the number of doses you will take every day, the interval between doses, as well as the amount of time you use the medication are contingent on the medical issue for which you’re taking the medication.

Tetracycline is the amount of fibers to be placed within your gums is assessed by your dental professional. The number of teeth that require treatment as well as the size of your pockets within your gums determines the quantity of fiber is put into use.


Contact your dentist as soon as fibers loosen or begin to fall out prior to the next visit to the dentist.

Contact your dentist immediately if you are experiencing pain or swelling or any other issue within the areas of treatment.

It is vital that your dentist monitor your progress and remove teeth with tetracycline after ten days. Don’t delay any appointments with your dentist.

Actisite side effects

Alongside its necessary effects, some medicines may result in unwanted adverse effects. Although not all negative side effects are likely to occur, if they occur, they might require medical attention.

Talk to your doctor immediately in the event that any of these adverse effects happen:


  • The gums are red, swollen along with pain or discomfort, in the area of treatment
  • Redness and pain in the tongue, chest pain

Certain side effects can be experienced but they usually do not require medical treatment. These symptoms may disappear after treatment, as the body adapts to the medication. Additionally, your health professional could be able to inform you of ways to avoid or minimize the effects of these adverse side effects. Talk to your physician in the event that any of these symptoms persist or become troubling or if there are any concerns regarding these:

More commonly

  • In the region where fibers are put
  • The area of redness is of the fibers that were taken out
  • Sore throat
  • The tongue is stained with staining
  • white patches on the tongue or inside the mouth

Other adverse side effects that are not mentioned could also be present in certain patients. If you observe any other side effects, you should consult with your physician.

Contact your physician to seek medical advice on adverse effects. You can report adverse reactions to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Additional details

Always consult your physician to confirm that the information provided on this site is appropriate to your specific situation.

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