Venofer Dosage

Generic name: iron sucrose (injection)
Drug class: Iron products

Medically reviewed by  A Ras MD.

 Recommended Adult Dosing

Dosage forms:  INJ

Special Note

[strength clarification]
Info: 1 mL = 20 mg elemental Fe; doses expressed as elemental Fe

Iron deficiency anemia, CKD-assoc.

[hemodialysis pts receiving ESA tx]
Dose: 100 mg IV w/ each HD x10 sessions; Max: 100 mg/dose up to 3 doses/wk
[peritoneal dialysis pts receiving ESA tx]
Dose: 300 mg IV x1 on days 1 and 15, then 400 mg IV x1 on day 28
[non-dialysis pts]
Dose: 200 mg IV x5 doses w/in 14 days; Alt: 500 mg IV q2wk x2 doses

Renal dosing

[no adjustment]
CKD: no adjustment
HD/PD: no adjustment; no supplement

Hepatic dosing

[not defined]