Onureg Dosage

Generic name: azacitidine
Drug class: Miscellaneous antineoplastics

Medically reviewed by  A Ras MD.


Recommended Adult Dosing

Dosage forms:  TAB: 200 mg, 300 mg


[300 mg PO qd on days 1-14 of 28-day cycle]
Info: for continued tx in pts who achieved complete remission (CR) or CR w/ incomplete hematologic recovery (CRi) after intensive induction chemo, and ineligible for intensive curative tx; do not cut/crush/chew tab

Renal dosing

CrCl >30: no adjustment; CrCl <30: not defined, caution advised
HD/PD: not defined

Hepatic dosing

bilirubin 1-1.5x ULN or AST >ULN: no adjustment; bilirubin >1.5x ULN and any AST: not defined