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Nafarelin Dosage

Generic name: nafarelin nasal
Brand name: Synarel
Drug class: Gonadotropin releasing hormones

Medically reviewed by  A Ras MD.


Recommended Adult Dosing

Dosage forms:  SPRAY: 200 mcg per actuation


[1 actuation in one nostril bid x6mo]
Start: day 2-4 of menstrual cycle; Info: may incr. to 1 actuation in each nostril bid if inadequate response after 2mo

Premature ovulation prevention

[individualize dose intranasally bid-tid]
Start: 2-4 actuations/day intranasally divided bid-tid on day 21 of menstrual cycle prior to ovarian stimulation cycle; cont. through follitropin tx until hCG admin; Info: for inhibition of LH surge during controlled ovarian stimulation w/ ART

Renal dosing

[not defined]
renal impairment: not defined
HD/PD: not defined

Hepatic dosing

[not defined]



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