Generical name: sacubitril and Valsartan
Class of drugs: Angiotensin receptor blockers and Neprilysin inhibitors

Oral route (Tablet)


Drugs that affect directly the renin-angiotensin pathway could result in fatal injuries or even death. Stop using as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed.

Brand name

In the U.S.

Available Dosage Forms:

Therapeutic Class: Neprilysin Inhibitor/ARB Combination

Pharmacologic Class: Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonist

Uses for Entresto

Entresto, Sacubitril and valsartan mixture is combined with other medications to treat heart failure that is chronic in adults. It also cuts down on hospital visits due to heart conditions. It can also be used to treat symptoms of heart failure in children one-year-old or older.

This medication is only available on prescription from your physician.

Before making use of Entresto

When deciding whether to take a medication, the potential risks of taking the medicine have to be evaluated against the good it can do. It is a choice you and your physician will take. To determine the appropriate medicine to be considered, the following factors should be assessed:


Discuss with your physician whether you’ve had an unusual reaction or allergic reaction to this medicine, or any other medication. Inform your health care specialist if you suffer from any other kinds of allergies, for example, to dyes, food preservatives, animals, or dyes. For products without a prescription, review the label or the ingredient list carefully.


The studies that have been conducted up to now have not identified specific problems for children that could limit the efficacy of sacubitril or the combination of valsartan for children 1-year-old and over.


The studies that have been conducted up to now haven’t revealed the existence of geriatric-specific issues that hinder the effectiveness of valsartan and sacubitril in older patients.


Studies on women who breastfeed have shown harmful effects on infants. Different medication is to be prescribed, or you should cease breastfeeding while taking this medication.

Interactions with medications

Certain medicines shouldn’t be combined in any way In other instances, two medicines can be taken together, even though interactions could occur. In these situations your doctor might want to alter the dosage, or make other precautions required. If you are taking this medication it is essential that you inform your healthcare provider whether you’re currently taking one or more of the medications that are listed below. The following interactions were chosen based on their potential importance and are not meant to be comprehensive.

The use of entresto together with any of the following medications is not advised. Your doctor could choose not to prescribe this medication or modify any other medication you are taking.

Utilizing this medicine in conjunction together with any of the following medicines is typically not advised, however it may be required in certain instances. If both medications are prescribed at the same time the doctor could alter the dosage or the frequency you take either of the medications.

The combination of this medication in conjunction with one of the following medications could result in an increased risk of some adverse effects, however using both medicines could be the best option for you. If both medications are prescribed by your doctor, they could alter the dosage or frequency at which you take either or both drugs.

Interactions with alcohol, tobacco, or food

Certain medications are not recommended to be taken at or near the time of dining out or eating specific kinds of food as interactions could happen. The use of tobacco or alcohol together with certain medications can create interactions. Discuss with your physician the interaction of your medication in conjunction with alcohol, food or tobacco.

Other medical issues

The presence of medical issues could impact the effectiveness of this medication. It is important to inform your doctor if there are any other medical conditions including:

Proper use of Entresto

The medicine should be taken exactly as instructed by your physician. Don’t take more of it, and don’t use it more frequently and don’t take it for more period of time than the prescription your doctor gave you. Doing so could increase the likelihood of having side consequences.

The medicine includes a patient information insert. Follow the directions carefully. Consult your physician if you have any concerns.

If your child is unable to swallow tablets, the pharmacist will mix this medication into liquid suspension. Shake the suspension thoroughly for at least 10 seconds prior to giving it to your child.


Discuss with your physician whether you’ve had an unusual reaction or reaction to this medication or any other medication. Be sure to inform your health doctor if you are suffering from other kinds of allergies, for example, to dyes, food preservatives, animals, or dyes. For non-prescription medications, look over the label or the ingredients on the package carefully¶.

Missed dose

If you are missing an dose of this medication make sure you take it as quickly as you are able. But, if it’s nearing the time to take your next dose, avoid the missed dose and then go back to your usual dosage schedule. Do not take double doses.


Keep your items out of reach of children.

Don’t keep old medicine or medicines that are no longer required.

Consult your physician about what you can do with any medication you don’t make use of.

Place the medication in a sealed bottle at room temperatures, and away from moisture, heat, and bright light. Be sure to keep the medicine from getting frozen.

The oral suspension can be stored at ambient temperatures for up to 15 days. Do not freeze.


Use with caution when using Entresto

It is crucial to have your doctor examine the progress of your child or yourself regularly to ensure that this medication is functioning correctly. Urine and blood tests could be necessary to detect unintended adverse effects.

If you take this medication when you are pregnant may affect your unborn baby. Utilize a reliable method that prevents birth to stop from becoming pregnant. If you suspect you’ve been pregnant while taking this medication, notify your doctor as soon as possible.

Take this medication for at least 36 hours prior to or after taking an ACE inhibitor medication.

Dizziness, lightheadedness or fainting can be experienced, particularly if you suddenly get up from a sitting or lying position , or have taken diuretics (water pills). Be aware of what your reaction is to this medication before you drive, operate machines, or perform any other activity that is risky when you feel dizzy. If you experience dizziness then lie down so that you don’t faint. After that, take a few minutes to sit before getting up to stop your dizziness returning.

Talk to your physician prior to you take any supplements, medicines or salt substitutes that contain potassium..

Don’t take any other medication without discussing them with your physician. This includes prescription and non-prescription (over-the-counter OTC) medications as well as herbal or vitamin supplements.

Entresto side effects

Alongside its necessary effects, some medicines may produce unwanted side adverse effects. While not all negative side effects are likely to occur, if they occur, they might require medical attention.

Talk to your doctor immediately in the event that any of these adverse effects happen:

More commonly

Less popular


There are some side effects that can occur which usually don’t require medical treatment. These symptoms may disappear after treatment, as the body adapts the medication. Additionally your health professional could be able inform you ways to avoid or minimize the effects of these adverse side effects. Consult your physician in the event that any of these adverse effects persist or are troubling or if you have concerns about these:

More popular

Other adverse side effects that are not listed could also be present in certain patients. If you observe any other side effects, you should consult with your doctor.

Contact your doctor to seek medical advice on possible side effects. You can report any symptoms to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

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Always consult your doctor to make sure the information presented on this site is appropriate to your particular situation.

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