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Byetta Dosage

Generic name: exenatide
Drug class: Incretin mimetics

Medically reviewed by  A Ras MD.


Adult Dosing

Dosage forms

  •  INJ (pen): 5 mcg per injection, 10 mcg per injection

Special Note


  • Info: give oral drugs requiring rapid GI absorption or w/ efficacy dependent on threshold concentrations >1h before exenatide

Diabetes mellitus, type 2

5-10 mcg SC bid

  • Start: 5 mcg SC bid x1mo, then may incr. to 10 mcg SC bid; Info: give w/in 1h before am and pm meals

Renal dosing

  • CrCl >50: no adjustment; CrCl 30-50: not defined, caution advised; CrCl <30: avoid use
HD/PD: avoid the use

Hepatic dosing

not defined




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