Generic Name: tralokinumab-ldrm

What is Adbry?

Who is not a good candidate?

Don’t use Adbry in the event that you are allergic to tralokinumab or any of the other ingredients. Look at the end on this page to find an exhaustive listing of the ingredients.

Before making use of this medication

Before beginning treatment, inform your doctor about your medical condition and conditions, such as if:

What other medications can have an effect?

Talk to your doctor about any medications you are taking that you are taking, including prescription and non-prescription supplements as well as vitamins and herbal supplements.

How can I use it?



Dosage information

Usual Adult Dosage for Atopic Dermatitis

Preparation to Use

Important Administrative Requirements

Adbry side effects

This medicaine can have severe side effects, which include:

The most commonly reported adverse effects are:

This is not the only list of the possible adverse consequences. Consult your physician to seek medical advice on possible side effects. You can report any symptoms to FDA by calling 800-FDA-1088.

General information on the safety

Some medicines are used for reasons other than those stated in the Patient Information leaflet. Use this medicine only to treat a health condition for which it was not recommended. Don’t give it to others regardless of whether they are suffering from similar symptoms to yours. It could harm them. It is possible to ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice that has been specifically written for health professionals.

How supplied


  • 150 mg/mL per syringe, x 2
  • Rx only
  • For Subcutaneous Use Only
  • Two 1-mL single-dose prefilled syringes equal 300 mg
  • Carton contains:
    • Two 1-mL single-dose prefilled syringes with the needle guard
    • Prescribing Information
    • Instructions for Use and Patient Information



  • 150 mg/mL per syringe, x 4
  • Rx only
  • For Subcutaneous Use Only
  • Four 1-mL single-dose prefilled syringes equal 600 mg
  • Multipack contains:
    • Two cartons
    • Each carton contains two 1-mL single-dose prefilled syringes
      with needle guard which equal 300 mg

Additional details

Always consult your physician to confirm that the information provided on this page is applicable to your specific situation.

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