Abiraterone side effects


Generic name: abiraterone acetate
Name of the brand: Zytigasa 
Dosage formats: oral tablet (125 mg 250 mg 500 mg)
The class of drug: Miscellaneous antineoplastics

Abiraterone side effects


Abiraterone side effects are on wanted reactions that accompany the intake of drugs. Abiraterone is a drug that works by reducing androgen production within the body. androgens, which are masculine hormones that may cause the growth of prostate cancer. gland.

Abiraterone can be used in conjunction with steroids (prednisone or methylprednisolone) to treat prostate cancer which can spread to various regions in the body. Abiraterone is prescribed to patients with prostate cancer that can’t be treated through surgery or other medications.

It isn’t clear whether Abiraterone tablets can be considered secure or efficient in women or children.


Abiraterone tablets are not suitable for women who are expecting or are likely to be expecting. This medicine can affect a baby who is not born as well as cause miscarriage.

Abiraterone is not a good choice in case you have an allergy to it.

Points to be considered while taking this medication;

Abiraterone side effects that occur require immediate medical care

Alongside its necessary effects, abiraterone could produce unwanted side negative effects. While not all of these adverse effects can be observed, however, if they do happen they could require medical attention.

Talk to your doctor immediately in the event that any of these abiraterone side effects:

More commonly

Less popular


Incidence unknown

Abiraterone side effects that require no immediate medical treatment

Abiraterone has some side effects that can occur, but they usually don’t require medical treatment. These effects can be eliminated when you are treated while your body is adjusting to the medication. Additionally, your health care expert may give you suggestions to reduce or eliminate the effects of these negative side consequences.

Talk to your doctor If any of the following adverse effects persist or become bothersome or If you have questions regarding these side effects:

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Always consult your physician to make sure the information presented on this page is applicable to your particular situation.

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